Mc Double U

Mc Double U


MC Double U is a young talentedMC/Entertainer/Vocalist from Roeselare, Belgium.

Music and entertainment have always been a big part of his life.

It all started when he learned the bass and kicks of his drums. Later on he started using his voice, from dub FX movements to A cappella and spits and rhymes.
Ever since this guy is playing with lyrics, he loves to improvise.
Because of his huge love for electronic music he decided to set his course into the party-entertainment scene. Baby steps a time he started working with Audiophonic, today he's a part of DIMARO LIMITED. If there is anything that we can assure you than it is the fact that this kid will make your climax pop! He loves to feel the burn of the audiences eyes when he's shouting into the microphone, He loves the connection with the crowd, oh how he loves party- entertainment.

Nowadays he's entertaining Belgium on several festivals and in highly respectable clubs. You could say that he is ready to entertain the world!